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Savings for Xmas, personal loan, job/unemployment update, 2nd ultrasound

November 6th, 2009 at 04:55 pm

Yesterday was my biweekly savings day, and I put $200 into the Xmas fund. (We put aside $600 each year, $200 going to buy presents for each of us. All extended-family and friend gifts come from our own spending money.)

I also sent a $1400 personal loan payment yesterday and it left my bank account today, 10 days earlier than usual. I have all this money for various line items in the checking account, and it will get replenished on payday (the 16th, which is when I was originally going to send this payment). I figure it saves me about $5-$10 interest and does no harm. The payment should hit Monday, but I'll check tomorrow just to see if they process payments on Saturdays!

Today Obama signed the law to extend unemployment benefits. That's very good news for several of my friends, who've been out of work and looking for ages with no success. It also takes the pressure off AS, whose original stimulus unemployment extension would run out at about the end of the year. However, hopefully she won't need it. The job she's been hoping for is showing some promise--she's got an interview with the boss (also her friend and a mentor) on Monday morning. Fingers crossed!

We had a second ultrasound today--they got the pictures they couldn't get last time, confirming the spine, lip and nose are all looking perfect. Baby looked even cuter than last time! It was putting its hands together, making faces, kicking its feet...we got some great pictures again. Now we won't see our little guy for about 4 months, when it comes out. The technician at one point said "Oh, I know what you're having! You sure you don't want to know?" LOL. It about drove AS crazy, but we said yes, we're sure. Then the tech said, "Oh, and remember that I know how to spot girl parts as well as boy parts, so don't assume it's a boy just because I saw something!" Hee hee, that's exactly what AS had been thinking.

2 Responses to “Savings for Xmas, personal loan, job/unemployment update, 2nd ultrasound”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I'm glad the ultrasound showed off your little cutie. Smile

  2. homebody Says:


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