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Progress on debt repayment goal

April 15th, 2009 at 09:20 am

Payments hit:

AS student loan: $81 to principal
My personal loan: $557 to principal

Altogether, $638 toward the April debt-repayment goal, making it $1480 down, $185 to go. The principal paid on the student loan was less than expected, so I'm looking at missing my goal by about $12. Sigh. If I get my CC bill soon enough, I'll be able to surpass the goal. If not, maybe I'll pay a tiny bit on one of my debts to make sure I hit it; I haven't missed a debt goal yet!

On a happier note, my official CC/personal debt has dipped down below $30K!

Progress on my other goals: I walked home last night, which counts as exercise, and I had some grapes and an orange, so that's two more types of fruit this month. As for my environmental goal, I missed the condo board meeting! I'll have to try to make next month's. Also, my spending money has been slipping through my fingers lately, so I haven't had enough to donate to charities as planned. But I've still got the rest of the month, so hopefully I can at least make some small donations before the end. As for the crafts goal, we plan to pick up potting soil this weekend so we can plant some herbs.

1 Responses to “Progress on debt repayment goal”

  1. kdmoffett25 Says:

    Good job! I know you will make your goal! You always do!

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