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April goals

April 1st, 2009 at 07:46 am

1. Debt goal: Pay off at least $1665 of debt.

2. Savings goal: Save at least $600 for the vacation fund.

3. Health/fitness: Eat at least 12 different kinds of fruit this month. Work out at least 12 times.

4. Environmentalism: Go to a condo board meeting to see how it works, with the goal of presenting composting proposal in the future.

5. Creative/crafts: Plant herbs. Help AS start her sewing business.

6. Donate to cancer research and animal charity. Look for volunteer opportunities that fit my schedule.

2 Responses to “April goals”

  1. Enajer Says:

    Have been meaning to ask about AS's sewing, and think sewing lessons would be a great idea. As you know, my company will reimburse for non-private lessons, so if it helps, use that as a focus, since you know I will need an official receipt and stuff. Like get a logo and company name, and tax number, I suppose. Let the crazy billionaire $$ flow your way!

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Hmm, intriguing idea "enajer"! She is going to officially register her business as soon as she's saved up enough money for the necessary licenses etc., so I'll suggest this as another "side hustle" to the business.

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