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Personal loan payment

February 18th, 2008 at 10:49 am

$426 to principal. So that means:

$599 down, $2,801 to go on my March goal. We'll be cutting it close, but we might make this goal.

$1,102 to go on my Overall Ad Hoc Goal. We'll knock this one out of the park before the 3/31 deadline. As my first longish-term goal, that will be very satisfying.

$64,691 to go on my Big-Picture Goal. I don't know what the odds are on this one. Depends if we can keep our lifestyle at about the same level even when we get raises, and also will only work if we don't have any expensive emergencies over the next couple years. A windfall or two wouldn't hurt our chances. :-) We need to average paying $2940 of principal per month for the next 22 months, and right now we're averaging $2780 per month. Hopefully snowballing debts will make enough of a difference.

2 Responses to “Personal loan payment”

  1. cptacek Says:

    No fair! It is still February and you are working on your March goals already??? Smile

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Well, yes...I got an unexpected windfall and finished up my Feb. goal WAY early. But don't worry, I made the March goal really challenging, so it'll take me the rest of February and probably all of March to make it! :-)

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