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Mean people suck

July 15th, 2007 at 12:51 am

I'm sorry; I try not to be controversial in places where it might be problematic.

But I just came back from a "bachelor party" for two male friends having a commitment ceremony next week. These are two friends who are moral, upright, religious and kind on all counts, and compeletely in love with one another (for the past 5 years). Yet family members who have supported them being together are having a problem with them having a commitment ceremony.

These familial haters keep bringing up the Bible or God, thinking the two lines of the Bible condeming homosexuality are somehow more powerful than the dozens of lines condemning shellfish and poly-cotton blends. I just don't get it.

I get having an opinion of something; I happen to think that eating, killing or using for entertainment an animal is just as wrong as eating, killing, or using for entertainment a human. But I realize I may not have all the answers where that is concerned, so I still love people who do such things to animals.

Basically, unless you kill or harm a human being deliberately, I will at least respect your basic nature. I can't believe these friends have to face so much petty judgment from these family members, who have taken a huge step interpreting God's will (where they've freely assumed other parts of the Bible are just dated per the era they were written in). I can't believe they'd take such a risk with the love of their sons/brothers.

Their loss, though. I will love these men their whole lives, feeling fortunate that I met them and know them.

Sorry again, but I just had to vent. This is so wrong.


7 Responses to “Mean people suck”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    Good for you. I am sure they really appreciate your support in this time (when they apparently have little). If they aren't hurting anyone what business of it is anyone else's?

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Oh just wanted to say believe me what goes around comes around. I have a few friends who are on the extreme religious side who are very judgemental and I notice over the years much of what they are judgemental of comes to fruition in their life. How will they feel when their own son tells them they thing they are gay, etc.? I see it a lot. You just have to remember that and try to focus your energies by setting a good example - not much more you can do.

  3. lieweheksie Says:

    just be there for them, they will appreciate and remember the friends who really stood by them
    and yes, you will be suprised at how bigoted most people are when it comes to choosing your life partner- perhaps it's the normality of the situation that is really freaking them out
    and enjoy the day

  4. Nic Says:

    My partner and I have a saying..."God Loves you for who you are...He'll Bless you for the good that you do." Well, we must be doing something right because we're the most Blessed people we know....all while being gay.
    When anyone makes a comment about our lives, we flat out tell them it's NOT their business.
    Kudos to you for being their friend!

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    Thanks for your support, guys! I think the beauty of the occasion will overtake the pain of their families' sudden rejection. Hope so, anyway. My family will be doing everything in our power to help make it a joyful day. CJ

  6. yummy64 Says:

    I'm from Canada where we recognize marriage between two individuals regardless of gender.

    Strangely I've not yet noticed our society or marriage fall apart but maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough.

    I'll start casting stones at others when my house is perfectly in order. Please don't hold your breath!

  7. Broken Arrow Says:

    I'm not ever going to understand the general condemnation against homosexuality. People are people. Even if someone is against it, there is no need to pass judgement. It's not like they're trying to mug you.

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