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Money, what else?

July 6th, 2007 at 02:41 pm

Well, I was looking at my budget projection for the next month and a half, and I had about a $480 surplus. Now, that accounts for some fun stuff that's planned, such as tickets to a music show, anniversary celebration, niece visit and friends' wedding expenses, but it doesn't count at all for spending money. Sometimes my little household goes around with little or no spending money, and we all know credit cards are only for budgeted items and emergencies, so we just don't often make impulse purchases. But it's nice to be able to do that, so I thought, I'll withdraw half that surplus and distribute it equally, $80 for each of us, and just tell the others it has to last them a couple weeks, but who knows? If there are no unexpected expenses, they might get some more.

Then AS called and said she'd had to go to the eye doctor, dentist and pharmacy today. I went back in and voila, $200 more gone to medical expenses! LOL, glad I didn't take out the full surplus or anything! I talked to AS, and she has some more expenses coming up, but we'll be able to plan for them. Plus, she'll be able to cover some of this eventually with flex spending.

Soo, I decided to still distribute the money I took out of the bank, but to let AS & NT know to hang onto some of it--don't know when we'll have some more spending money.

All in all, the budget is tight, but balanced. And I can always put some of my own share of the spending money back in if I need to; but I've got other places I can cut back if needed. Here it is, spending money already withdrawn (and much abridged):
Balance 7/5: $448.92

Bills & Expenses 7/1-7/15: $481.84

$32.92 SHORT

Income 7/15-7/31: 3271.21
Bills & Expenses 7/15-7/31: $2754.67

$483.62 LEFT OVER

Paychecks & Income 8/1-8/15: $2405.32
Bills & Expenses 8/1-8/15: $2839

$49.94 LEFT OVER

Not too shabby, and this plans for some extra pay-ins to principal debt!

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