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Days 15-16 declutter results etc.

April 16th, 2014 at 07:37 pm

I haven't done much these past two days. Last night I took two small bags of clothes to a donation box, and today I listed our carseat on Freecycle. I thought it expired in early 2015, but it actually expires January 2016, so that's nice; if someone wants it they'll get a lot of use out of it before they have to get rid of it.

I'm feeling pretty sleepy tonight so probably won't get anything else done.

Work has been crazy, and my email inbox is already back up to 150 after I cleared it down to less than five a couple weeks ago. But my writing assignment seems to be going well, so I'm excited about that. I got my raise in my 4/15 paycheck; $30 per paycheck or $60 per month. Not too bad! If I get into writing full-time at work I can hopefully see a more substantial raise than that, though. Not that it will probably happen for a long time, if it happens at all.

Last night AS and I talked to some new acquaintances about my dedication to personal finance. As always I offered to share any tips I'd picked up along the way and invited them to my Ordinary Savers group and blog (which I haven't updated in several months -- gulp!). The woman of the couple mentioned that she had a lot of student loan debt and would like to talk about it sometime. She did say she was paying off $1000 per month, so that's promising!

NT mailed off our taxes yesterday as well as the W-9 for the land deal. I emailed the guy whose business card was clipped to the W-9 asking him what amount I was getting and when I could expect it, but I didn't hear anything. I don't think he cares now that he's got the right of way. I'm just one of four people in a very small (for the energy company) piece of a huge deal.

I've learned some of what's going on in WVa. right now by doing a bit of internet research. There's a big area called Marcellus Shale that's located under several states including NY and PA. The state with the most shale area is WVa; it looks to be under about 75%-90% of the state. Frown And also, WVa is an energy state. They are practically owned by the companies. Frown It's looking really bad for that formerly beautiful state, and I'm more determined than ever to donate a large sum of money to an activist group in the area. That's not to say I'm not still terribly grateful to my dad and excited to receive a large sum of money and possibly speed up our long-term goals, but I wish it weren't from this type of business.

2 Responses to “Days 15-16 declutter results etc.”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    I was just in West Virginia this weekend, and yes, the impact of all the mountain-top removal for coal, etc. is sadly clear. It is beautiful, but unfortunately it lacks the kind of diverse and robust economy it would need to reduce its reliance on such detrimental mining techniques.

  2. snafu Says:

    Marcellus Shale project produces natural gas that heats homes and likely LNG. Natural gas is much cleaner for the environment than coal and production will help lower the cost of gas for all. The project will create an enormous number of jobs for those with basic education and skill sets. I don't know the laws there but it's a huge source of tax income for the state. The operations done correctly and following regulation will allow for inexpensive clean up and reclamation of the land. As you already know, it's a financial windfall for those whose land needs right-of-way. Residents will more than likely spend in that state boosting revenue for so many.

    There is a 2nd side for those who live in MN and need to heat their homes as a result of brutal winters like that just past.

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