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Debt repayment, 30-in-30 progress, US Bank savings deal

January 27th, 2010 at 09:13 am

One of AS's student loans hit; $116 went to principal. That brings our January debt repayment to $2936.

We sold another book on Half.com. Unfortunately, Half's e-mails are always dated oddly and this one slipped unnoticed into my (admittedly cluttered) inbox. We were supposed to have shipped this book by the 22nd (gulp!). On the upside, the buyer basically lives across the street from us, so AS is going to just drop it off at her doorstep tonight. So it'll get to her about the same day it would have via Media Mail if we'd sent it on the 22nd. Anyway, one more for the declutter challenge!

Our checking and savings accounts are all with US Bank, and recently they began advertising this new deal, where if you put $1000 into a savings account you get a $50 Visa card, and if you keep the balance at that point or higher for a year, you get another $50. NT and I took advantage of this yesterday. We had to open a new checking account since our current one is joint with AS, but our savings account is only in our two names (which we did mainly to have some documentation of our marriage for our green-card application).

I transferred $1100 of our medical-expenses line item into the new checking account, then $1000 of that into our savings account. So we've already earned our first $50 card. I have to do regular transfers from that checking account into the savings account, which is kind of hassle-y since we don't really plan to use that checking account for anything, but I figure I'll just use it as a dumping ground for some of our medical funds. Shouldn't be too hard to keep track of since all the accounts are linked when I log in online.

If AS gets time sometime soon, I want her to open a savings account linked to her business checking account, which is just in her name. That way she can put aside $1000 of her profits into savings and get two $50 cards herself!

What with having to keep the savings account balance up for a year, it means we can't start withdrawing funds to put into CDs anytime soon, but this is a pretty good deal. Anyway, if we do really well this year, maybe we can find money in our budget to open some CDs.

5 Responses to “Debt repayment, 30-in-30 progress, US Bank savings deal”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Hope my "secret" message got to you. Wink
    Yay for the bank bonus! Glad to see banks are turning back to these again. Easy way to make money. Big Grin

  2. my english castle Says:

    That's happened to me with half.com. Think of this way, you saved the $2.99 or media mail postage.

  3. kimberlyhmn Says:

    did you realize you spelled out A's name for the first time I think? did you mean to do that?

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    Ooh, good catch, thanks kimberly! LOL. I've typed our real names before but always caught myself before I hit "publish."

    dmontngrey, I copied your "lost" comment from my e-mail and pasted it as a comment on the post, so that it wouldn't be lost anymore. Smile

  5. homebody Says:

    Eek thanks for the heads up on US bank. We have our main bill paying account there!

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