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December 2009 goals

November 30th, 2009 at 06:35 pm

I'm being real easy on myself this month extra goalwise, because there's so much to do, what with our anniversary, holiday party, Xmas, prenatal classes, and figuring out our leave with mine and NT's jobs.

1. Debt: Pay off at least $2900 of debt.
Balance as of 11/30: $384,013
Goal balance: $381,113

2. Savings: Save at least $650 (all for baby/Ef)

3. Fitness: free month.
4. Environmentalism: free month.
5. Creative/crafts: free month.
6. Philanthropy: free month.
7. Side hustles: free month.

8. Other:
A. Help AS with couch reupholstery.
B. Begin to contact daycare options we've collected.

This will be the last month with this goal format anyway; next year will be much more about debt repayment, staying frugal, and just trying to figure out the whole parenthood thing, so I don't think I'll need extra goals to have a full life. Smile

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